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Making walking sticks and toolboxes with my Grandad in his garage really sparked my interest in woodwork. The level of skill needed to create some pieces of furniture has always fascinated me. You could say it's in my blood, my Grandad to this day still sits on a traditional Yorkshire chair handmade by my Great-Grandfather.

This naturally led to studying resistant materials at secondary school. I was lucky to find a mentor in one of our technicians, who was himself a talented box maker. He imparted a lot of knowledge on to me, teaching me how to hand cut joints and parquetry. (Image A)

I went on to study furniture making at Rycotewood. During my 3 years at Rycotewood, I have developed my skills and knowledge.

When I'm not in the workshop, I enjoy spending time on my BMX Bike at the skatepark or at some dirt jumps (Image B). In many ways 'BMXing' is similar to furniture making. It’s quite niche, requires a lot of skill and devotion, and it's a little dangerous.


Thank you for taking the time to look at my website.

All the best,


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